ResumeModeling work

I’m Leire Baztarrica, female photographer based in Los Angeles, California since 2017.

Born and raised in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. All my life I have been experimenting with different artistic media. I graduated in June 2016 in Creation and Design (UPV / EHU – Bilbao).

I left the design world to focus on my true passion: portrait photography.

At the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (Poland), during my time in the International exchange program (Erasmus) 2014-2015, I learned more about photojournalism. That’s how I became more skilled and involved with street style photography.

In September of 2015, I received an art scholarship in Reno (Nevada, USA). There, I started with the project Reno Neon, in which I did historical research and a photographic project based on the art behind neon lights.

During the year 2016, I devoted myself completely to finishing my Final Degree Project. I presented an analysis of kitsch aesthetics (Khists, Kictsh, Kitsch), on which I based the same irony contrived from the style, in some of my photographic series.

Los Angeles opened a new range of opportunities to collaborate with all kinds of creatives, brands, actors and musicians. I’ve become the photo and video assistant for the spanish artist Jimena Reno.

Since summer 2018, I’ve been growing my clientele list thanks to my Airbnb Experience: «Model for one day in DTLA», it became very popular over the last year. I am ongoing lifestyle photographer for the brand Just Water owned by Jaden Smith as well.

Thanks to the platform The H Hub, I started working for other brands such as Buddha Brain, Señor Lechuga, Dazey and Livwell Nutrition.

Now, I’m in Santa Clarita!